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A-America Parson chairs & stools
dining furniture with prices
• black, red, brown, cashmere leather-look vinyl •

A-America Parson Dining Chairs & Stools in espresso finish
Features: Mix and match our Parson Chairs to create a dining look all your own. Choose from a high back chair, counterstool, barstool, bench, or swivel stools for both dining and pub tables. The Parson Program offers four versatile colors; Black, Red, Brown, and Cashmere. This solid hardwood collection features a no sag spring system for long lasting comfort in an Espresso finish that coordinates with a wide range of furniture.


A-America PRS-ES-2-21-K

A-America PRS-ES-2-22-K

A-America PRS-ES-2-24-K

A-America PRS-ES-2-25-K
Curved Back Parson Chair - $109*
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-2-21-K (RTA)
RED: A-America PRS-ES-2-22-K (RTA)
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-2-24-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-2-25-K (RTA)
18 wide x 25 deep x 40.5 high - *price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

A-America PRS-ES-3-21-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-22-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-24-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-25-K
24.8" Curved Back Parson Stool - $109*
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-3-21-K (RTA)
RED: A-America PRS-ES-3-22-K (RTA)
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-3-24-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-3-25-K (RTA)
18 wide x 23.75 deep x 40.75 high - *price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

A-America PRS-ES-3-31-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-32-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-34-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-35-K
30" Parson Stool - $119*
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-3-31-K (RTA)
RED: A-America PRS-ES-3-32-K (RTA)
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-3-34-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-3-35-K (RTA)
19.25 wide x 21.75 deep x 44.25 high - *price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

A-America PRS-ES-3-51-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-52-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-54-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-55-K
24" Swivel Stool - $99*
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-3-51-K (RTA)
RED: A-America PRS-ES-3-52-K (RTA)
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-3-54-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-3-55-K (RTA)
17 round x 24.5 high - *price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

A-America PRS-ES-3-61-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-62-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-64-K

A-America PRS-ES-3-65-K
30" Swivel Stool - $109*
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-3-61-K (RTA)
RED: A-America PRS-ES-3-62-K (RTA)
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-3-64-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-3-65-K (RTA)
17 round x 30 high - *price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

A-America PRS-ES-2-91-K
Red not available
A-America PRS-ES-2-94-K

A-America PRS-ES-2-95-K
Parson Bench - $119
BLACK: A-America PRS-ES-2-91-K (RTA)
RED: not available
BROWN: A-America PRS-ES-2-94-K (RTA)
CASHMERE: A-America PRS-ES-2-95-K (RTA)
50 wide x 16 deep x 19.5 high
CHAIRS & STOOLS - Since 1958 we have sold chairs and stools individually, but times have changed and most of our
suppliers now only sell chairs and stools unassembled in packs of 2 (varies by item). We are adding this information to
each item as we get it (Amish and some others are still sold as singles). We show the price for EACH ITEM, and will
continue to assemble chairs & stools at NO EXTRA CHARGE for our customers.
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