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CA PROP 65 and the

CA Air Resources Board

Al's Woodcraft intends to keep our customers informed of any and all potential hazards known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. We have included this CA Prop 65 page on our web site and are posting it in our store and warehouse as required by the State as "clear and reasonable warnings" so our customers will have as much information as possible before coming into our store, making a purchase from us, or picking up at our warehouse. This information may change from time to time, and the latest updates, discussions, and information on meetings can be found at
We are a small family furniture business and cannot possibly know every single "chemical" that is used in the manufacturing process and cartoning of the items we sell (wood, plywood, mdf, moldings, backings, drawer bottoms, glues, finishes, hardware, cardboard boxes, foam wrapping, etc) but the majority of the items we sell are already required to comply with the current standards of the California Air Resources Board and that information can be found at
The State of California has hired experts who have done exhaustive studies to identify and test these potential hazards, and items can be added to or removed from the list from time to time, so we will defer to their expertise on this subject. We do know for certain that our furniture contains wood dust and wood dust is one of the "chemicals" on the Prop 65 list. You can download the complete Prop 65 list at
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