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NEW! Sunny Designs
0113-TL (RTA) Breakfast Nook
NEW! Sunny Designs
0240-FR (RTA) Metal/wood
table & attached stools
$869 - 72x32x30h
NEW! Sunny Designs
2014-DC (RTA)
Metal/wood bench seat
$189 - 48x19x19h (seat ht)

NEW! Sunny Designs
1986-NM Server with
36 bottle wine rack
$619 - 54x19x40h


NEW! Sunny Designs

1050-CO (RTA)
Adjustable height table
$259 - 26rd x 30-36h

1644-CO (RTA)
Adj height backless stool

1645-CO (RTA)
Adj height stool w/back

*price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2

NEW! Sunny Designs

1039-AW-36 (RTA) Table $299 - 60x24x36 high
1624-AW-24 (RTA) Backless swivel stool $109* - 24 high
1624-AW-B24 (RTA) Swivel stool w/back $129* - 24 high

1039-AW-42 (RTA) Table $319 - 60x24x42 high
1624-AW-30 (RTA) Backless swivel stool $109* - 30 high
1624-AW-B30 (RTA) Swivel stool w/back $139* - 30 high

*price is for 1, but must buy in increments of 2


NEW! Sunny Designs Taylor Creek 4 Door Bookcase
$659 - 69x16x44 high
1939-GP gray paint
1939-EB edna blue
1939-CP chili pepper
1939-BF black forest
NEW! Sunny Designs
Slatback Rocking Chair
NEW! Sunny Designs

Storage Rack w/baskets
$219 - 20x16x42 high
2012-BN black & natural
2012-WN white & natural

Kitchen Island w/baskets
$399 - 32x24x40 high
2013-BN black & natural
2013-WN white & natural

NEW! Sunny Designs 2308-EC-W Carriage Wardrobe
$999 - 52x24x84 high
NEW! Sunny Designs

2308-EC-V Vanity
$289 - 48x18x30h

2308-EC-VM Mirror
$99 - 36x3x36h

stool not on price list
NEW! Sunny Designs
2308-EC-B (RTA)
Bench with fabric seat
$179 - 48x18x18h

NEW! Sunny Designs European Cottage Tables
3273-EC-C (RTA) Coffee Table $249 - 52x32x18h
3273-EC-CS (RTA) Chairside $179 - 13x24x24h
3273-EC-E (RTA) End Table $199 - 24x24x24h
3273-EC-S (RTA) Sofa Table $299 - 54x18x29h
NEW! Sunny Designs Dundee Living Room Tables
3271-KB-C Coffee Table $399 - 50x26x19h
3271-KB-CS Chairside $189 - 16x26x25h
3271-KB-E End Table $219 - 22x26x24h
3271-KB-S Sofa Table $319 - 50x18x28h

NEW! Sunny Designs Live Edge Living Room Tables
3286-NW-C (RTA) Coffee Table $269 - 50x30x18h
3286-NW-CS (RTA) Chairside $159 - 14x24x24h
3286-NW-E (RTA) End Table $179 - 24x24x24h
3286-NW-S (RTA) Sofa Table $219 - 50x18x30h
NEW! Sunny Designs Tyler Living Room Tables
3275-FR-C (RTA) Coffee Table $209 - 48x24x18h
3275-FR-CS (RTA) Chairside $139 - 15x25x25h
3275-FR-E (RTA) End Table $159 - 24x24x24h
3275-FR-S (RTA) Sofa Table $199 - 48x18x30h

NEW! Sunny Designs Barn Living Room Tables
3270-CO-C Coffee Table $399 - 48x24x18h
3270-CO-CS Chairside $249 - 16x26x25h
3270-CO-E End Table $279 - 22x26x24h
NEW! Sunny Designs Nature Walk Tables
3299-NW-C Coffee Table $399 - 50x30x19h
3299-NW-CS Chairside $139 - 16x24x24h
3299-NW-E End Table $209 - 24x24x24h
3299-NW-S Sofa Table $329 - 50x18x30h

NEW! Sunny Designs Nature Walk TV Furniture

3592-NW-64 TV Console $499 - 64x18x32h
3592-NW-P (RTA) Pier Cabinet $329 - 24x16x78h

TV Console + 2 Pier Cabinets as shown $828
NEW! Sunny Designs Mount Vernon Tables
3274-US-C (RTA) Coffee Table $199 - 48x24x18h
3274-US-CS (RTA) Chairside $109 - 15x25x25h
3274-US-E (RTA) End Table $139 - 24x24x24h
3274-US-S (RTA) Sofa Table $179 - 48x18x30h

NEW! Sunny Designs Bourbon County Barn Door TV Media Wall Group
$1899 - 109x18x79h

TV console is 55x17x32h - each pier cabinet is 25x17x79h
NEW! Sunny Designs
3577-CO-M Metal barn
doors wood TV console
$599 65x18.5x35h
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