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Forget all the phony furniture "sales" all over the internet!

We have a low mark up, which means

Our real prices are shown right here on our web site -
we don't lie about having xx% off some imaginary "regular price"

Intelligent people want to buy at the best bottom line price and
aren't fooled by 25% off, 40% off, or 70% off furniture "sales"

If you live within a few hours drive of our store in Orange County
California you owe it to your wallet to buy your furniture from us
like thousands of smart families have done for the last 57 years!

If you don't live near us check your local family owned furniture
stores before you resort to paying a huge mark up to a big online
"store" just to get "free" delivery - nothing is free! We have a
wonderful local delivery service that starts at just $69 for any
size order, and furniture you can touch in our real furniture store!

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Al's Woodcraft 714/544-5470, 1471 Nisson Road, Tustin CA 92780

We sell from our store in Orange County CA and the selection shown changes all the time.
We show a nice representation of the lines we carry in our store, but of course we can't show it all.
Looking for a specific item? Give us a call at 714/544-5470

Prices & availability WILL change but we work to keep our web pages current
Some items require assembly (RTA). Sizes are rounded to the nearest inch and come from the mfr.
We strive for perfection, but reserve the right to correct any errors. c.Al's Woodcraft, Inc.